Living in Love and Honour

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Deep Feminine - Deep Masculine
Living in Love & Honour Workshop

Living in Love and Honour Workshop

Exploring the true inter-relationship between man and woman

With Karen Webb and Peter Neall

Soulfriends Karen Webb and Peter Neall have developed a workshop, Living in Love and Honour, about the experience and expression of womanhood and manhood today. Acknowledging the vital exploration that has been done in men’s and women’s groups over the last few decades, they feel it is now time for women and men to come together again, to honour and empower one another with the learning they’ve gained.

Their first workshop was for a small group in July 2006. Whilst passionate about it, Peter and Karen did not know quite what to expect and were shocked by the profundity of what occurred. The unanimous reaction was: this is vital work - you must make it public!

"The space you created was magical – it was refreshing to be in a place where we could discover the true nature of male and female and allow surprising truths to be both spoken and heard at a very deep level."

What is Man, and what is Manhood?

What is Woman, and what is Womanhood?

How are they actually different, and similar?

What is the deep spiritual nature of the relationship between Woman and Man?

What do we truly want to receive from one another, and to give?

How can we stand freely in our own power, honoured and complemented by another standing freely in their own, very different power?

How do we honour our own inner Man and Woman and heal the relationship within?

"Fellow participants showed it was deeply meaningful for individuals or couples, and of any orientation. Well done."